Campaign Update: Trafford’s “Breathe Clean Air Group”

In July we ran an article entitled “Up in Smoke? Democracy, Trafford, and an incinerator…” It concerned residents’ campaign to stop the “Barton Renewable Energy Plant” from being built. Below is a press release from the Breathe Clean Air Group). Its chair, Pete Kilvert, told MCFly that a “Public Inquiry starts on Tuesday 13th November at Manchester United Football ground, starting at 10 am. We urge people of Greater Manchester to attend and raise their objections.

“The incinerator will burn more and more waste over the next 25 years, as the Government will legislate to recycle any clean wood that becomes available. Our children and grandchildren are at risk of ill health and disease.”

“If the people of Trafford, Salford and Manchester do nothing to stop
the Barton Renewable Energy Plant, you may experience your worst
nightmare” declared Pete Kilvert, Chairman of the Breathe Clean Air
. “It’s easy to bury your head in the sand and say the authorities know best, but that does not mean its best for you”.

“Some time ago we were told that asbestos was a lifesaving material
and that DDT would keep us safe from insects, but these chemicals have killed millions of ordinary people over the years and are still killing people today” he added. “How long does it take for the authorities to stop thinking about profit and start thinking about people’s lives?”

The proposed Barton Renewable Energy Plant in Davyhulme, Greater
Manchester will burn biomass and solid recovered fuel. This means waste wood and waste plastics. According to many researchers, even burning clean wood is hazardous. It produces tiny particles that can get deep into the lungs and cross over to the blood. The particles can circulate the body causing illness and disease like asthma, heart attacks, strokes and premature death. It can cause disruption to DNA and the immune system.

Waste wood is even worse, as it is contaminated and can introduce heavy metals like arsenic and lead into the body. Emissions from burnt waste wood can result in cancer. Waste plastics will increase the likelihood of producing deadly dioxins.

Children are vulnerable to poor air quality as their young bodies develop. They exercise more than adults and breathe deeply. We can’t afford to let them take the risk of the danger of air pollution from a biomass incinerator.

The Breathe Clean Air Group is urging all parents and grandparents to
support the campaign to stop the Barton Renewable Energy Plant. Please see the website for details. Speak up at the Public Inquiry in Novembers and support the group’s social and fundraising events. We need to protect our children now.


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