Environment Agency issues permit for controversial #Trafford incinerator

The Environment Agency has given the all-clear to a controversial energy-plant in Trafford. The incinerator, which would be built in Davyhulme, is opposed by the local council, and will be the subject of a public enquiry starting in November. (See this article on MCFly for more information.)

A BBC article quotes an Environment Agency spokesman as saying “We have used the most up-to-date scientific evidence and received specialist advice on health matters during this process. As a result we are satisfied that the proposed facility will not harm the health of local people or the environment.”

A grassroots action group, “Breathe Clean Air Group,” is opposed to the plant, and has released this statement.

“The Breathe Clean Air Group views the Environment Agency’s decision to issue an Environmental Permit to the Barton Renewable Energy Plant as completely irresponsible, although consistent with their previous decisions. The EA has never said ‘no’ to an incinerator application, despite many of these being located in areas of illegally poor air quality. We would like to know just how the Environment Agency intend to clean up our air when they allow a polluting biomass waste incinerator to operate in a highly populated and highly polluted area.

“Peel Energy needs two permits and this is only one of them.  It is now absolutely essential that BCAG and ALL of the local community focus its attention on stopping the planning permit at the forthcoming Public Inquiry in November.  We need people to attend the Inquiry and speak to voice their concerns.  It is literally the last chance to stop this filthy incinerator.

“The Breathe Clean Air Group is seeking legal advice regarding challenging this Environment Agency ruling.”

Pete Kilvert, Chairman, Breathe Clean Air Group

If you would like to help MCFly cover this story in greater depth than just cutting and pasting press releases, please get in touch…

Marc Hudson

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1 Response to Environment Agency issues permit for controversial #Trafford incinerator

  1. It is strange, that the EA can give a clean bill of health to a plant which Peel Energy had not confirmed what technology they were going to employ. It is giving an air-worthy certificate to a sketch of an aeroplane, absolute nonsense. Even, the one plant in the UK which uses gasification has not been able to adhere to the EA’s limits.

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