Event Report: We need to talk about growth, #Manchester #Tyndall

Is economic growth “sustainable” – in either the sense of being able to continue,  and in the sense of it being compatible with a habitable planet?  This was – more or less – the central question that four panellists and about 70 members of the audience tried to wrestle with last Thursday at an event organised by Tyndall Manchester.

A proper write-up will follow, but for now, here are three of the four speakers giving their initial spiels. Apologies to the first speaker – I didn’t capture his speech.

Alice Bows, Sustainable Consumption Institute

Mark Burton (Steadystate Manchester)

Richard Sharland (Manchester City Council)

Of note: the speaker from “New Economy” had said he was coming. This meant that his name appeared on the publicity, and the organisation did not look like it was running away from the debate. Then, on the day of the event it turned out he wasn’t able to come.  No substitute was sent, and no copy of the speech that had presumably been prepared was sent through for someone else to read. So it goes.


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