Professor Kevin Anderson on steady state economics – “begin immediate and deep reductions in emissions at the same time” #inplaceofgrowth

Professor Kevin Anderson of the Tyndall Centre Manchester has written a foreword to the “In Place of Growth” report that is being launched next Tuesday evening.  Professor Anderson, who regularly presents his findings at meetings throughout the city and the country, concludes

“… for the Annex 1 nations, the UK and for Manchester the choice is the same. To begin immediate and deep reductions in emissions at the same time as transitioning towards a steady-state economy. Or to continue with economic growth in the short-term, with “extremely dangerous” and “devastating” impacts collapsing such growth in the medium term.
“Alternatively, we could continue with the eloquent rhetoric of green growth and win-win opportunities; reject integrity, placate our paymasters and embrace cognitive dissonance – but ultimately renege on our responsibilities to both the current and future generations.”

The report “In Place of Growth,” which is launched next Tuesday evening at a free event in the city centre, also has a foreword by Ed Mayo, Secretary General, Co-operatives UK.

A second report, called “Living Well: Practical Solidarity and Steady State Economics” is being launched at the same event.
Disclaimer: MCFly co-editors Arwa Aburawa and Marc Hudson have been heavily involved in the production of both reports.



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