Money doesn’t grow on trees, but #Manchester Treestation will grow with money…

Treestation is one of those ideas – and enterprises – that is so grotesquely obvious you are sort of embarrassed for the species that in the year 2012 it is considered ‘innovative.’

Here’s a video about it

Why are we telling you this? Well, they are close to an important fundraising goal.

Update 26th November 2012 – after a hugely successful open day we have now raised £120k! Last minute promises of national press coverage on 1st December led our AGM yesterday to approve a final extension of the deadline to 7th December 2012. We are confident of achieving the target by that date.”

Who knows, schmoozed by the right people, the tight-fisted MCFly editors (t’Queen blinks when she comes out of t’wallet) might even pony up some personal dosh…

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1 Response to Money doesn’t grow on trees, but #Manchester Treestation will grow with money…

  1. Dave Bishop says:

    If the biodiversity of our local green spaces is to be maximised, they need to be managed. This management generates thousands of tons of biomass – which needs to be disposed of. It makes sense to use this biomass for sustainabe purposes. Those of us who are interested in local biodiversity have known this for decades. Until now there has been nowhere to dispose of biomass and our green spaces (often heavily over-planted with trees) have suffered as a result. I am sure that the admirable Tree Station will benefit the people of Manchester and contribute to the maximisation of biodiversity in our local green spaces.

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