Upcoming Event: Open Source Energy Monitor making at #madlab in #Manchester, Thurs 13 Dec

Carbon Co-op have been working with openenergymonitor.org, to produce innovative, modular, home environment monitors using open source hardware and software. Now we need people to help us build them. Unlike conventional energy monitors, the kit is flexible, modular and totally open source.

They use a variety of sensors ranging from electricity to heat, humidity and even CO2 levels and utilise opensource Arduino compatible hardware, interfaced with the a Raspberry Pi to present householders with a dashboard for understanding their home.

We’re piloting them in 20 homes around Manchester as part of our retrofit programme and we need help assembling them. Soldering skills would be appreciated but are not essential. If you’ve got your own soldering station/iron, please do bring it with you.What you’ll get:
– Supervised assembly of arduino boards
– Get your hands on a ‘Raspi’ board.
– Free pizza!
– A chance to pick up new skills and meet people
– A chance to help innovate new, human scale and appropriate technology for our household energy

The free session will be drop-in so don’t feel you have to come for the whole thing, but those that do will get the chance to do each step of the process of building and testing a monitor.

…and from 6pm we’ll be hosting the Carbon Co-op Christmas Social at Common Bar across the road
on Edge Street.


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1 Response to Upcoming Event: Open Source Energy Monitor making at #madlab in #Manchester, Thurs 13 Dec

  1. Hi, are these the same as the Smart meters that are going to be installed by energy companies? I don’t like what I hear about the Smat Meters, apparently picking up on every bit of electrical activity, batteries etc and charging you for it as part of your grid use, also hear a lot about the amount of Electro Magnestic Field discharged from them. I would love them apart from thise 2 issues.

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