Help Needed for Mole Survey!

mole- cartoon - undercover - marc roberts

No, not that kind of mole…

The Greater Manchester Local Records Centre are currently gathering data on the distribution of moles in the region. If you’ve got any information, please forward it to Matt Holker using this survey form.To add a record, click on the link and then click “Cancel and use information from our database”.

Then simply fill in the yellow fields (as a minimum) at the top section of the screen (more detail the better). When everything looks fine click on Add Record and your record will be added to the master set below.

To find the location and insert the grid reference, click on the “G Map” button, search for the location (place name, road, address or postcode), zoom in to the location (zoom in as close as you can) and then click on the map in the location of the sighting and then click “Insert Grid Reference”.  In “Our Location” you can find the nearest registered site by using the “Find” button, or just select an area from the list.  You could add the location description or address in the “Full Location” box.

When adding yourself as the observer and determiner first try to search for yourself by surname. If you can’t find your name then you are likely not yet in the list of already used RODiS observers. In which case click on  “New Name” and add yourself (this bit only needs to be done once). You will then be able to select yourself as the observer (person that observed the mole) and determiner (person that confirmed the species).

If you have any problems adding your records to the master set give Paul a call on 0161 342 3123 and he will be happy to talk you through adding your record(s) over the phone. There is also a comprehensive user manual here for anybody keen to learn more about RODiS and wanting a user account of their own. We will shortly announce dates for free RODiS training sessions early in the new year.

No Moles?

If you know a park, or site which is greenspace and where there is no evidence of moles, let Matt Holker, Biodiversity Community Engagment Officer know directly via email:

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