MCFly to academics – “On your bike.” No, wait….

Hot on the pedals of yesterday’s academic atrocity comes this unspokesable example of, well, words fail us…
The senses act as the interface between self and environment, but in a western context powerful multisensory stimulation is increasingly constructed as marginal, deviant or in need of management/commodification. This paper brings together work on the sensory with ideas around affective intensity to explore the regulation of the individual through the senses. The notion of sensory discipline is developed through an examination of everyday commuter cycling. Based on innovative, mobile audio diaries, the intensities of sensory stimulation for the cycling body are explored. The paper concludes that commuter cycling enacts a minor resistance towards efforts to reduce the intensities of everyday affective landscapes. In turn, this resistance suggests just how pervasive sensory discipline has now become.

Sensory indiscipline and affect: a study of commuter cycling
Social & Cultural Geography
Volume 13, Issue 6, 2012

Thanks to the anonymous MCFly reader who ferreted this out…


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1 Response to MCFly to academics – “On your bike.” No, wait….

  1. joskin69Jo says:

    Seems you can do an MA or PHD in Utter Crapola these days. Get a proper job!

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