PMT #01: Please write to the Chair of TfGM about how consultations are publicised

Please join other MCFly readers in taking a quick action on public transport and democratic accountability.

Transport for Greater Manchester (TfGM) is “the organisation responsible for implementing local transport policy … responsible for investing your money in improving transport services and facilities, supporting the largest regional economy outside London.”

On Christmas Eve they released a press release about their next meeting, a consultation on Budget priorities for 2013/14. The press release invites people to attend a public meeting on … Thursday 3rd January. (See MCFly story here.)

This is NOT, we feel, (and we hope you do too!) how consultations should be run.  Whether or not you have any specific opinion on the TfGM budget for 2013/4, there is a principle at stake here.

We would like you to write a polite email to the chair of TfGM, Councillor Andrew Fender, at his email address

tfggm2jan2013Please ask him to ensure that  future press releases and announcements of meetings are put out at least four weeks in advance.  You might also suggest that they keep their web page about consultations a bit more up-to-date (see the screen grab from 2/1/13 to the right).

Please cc us into any email you send, and fwd us any answer you get back!

If you are interested to see if any of your councillors is on the TfGM committee (there are 33 members from the ten local authorities) you can check out the membership here.

PMT??  Stands for “Practical MCFly Tasks.”  Every Wednesday we are going to ask readers to do something (usually something simple and quick, but occasionally a bit more complex and a bit longer).  That “something” might be “publicise the latest issue of MCFly on facebook” or it might be “respond to this consultation” or it might be something else.  If your group has something that you’d like to see in this slot, email us at

“MCFly: giving you PMT every week of the year.”


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2 Responses to PMT #01: Please write to the Chair of TfGM about how consultations are publicised

  1. Dave Bishop says:

    It gets worse! Having been away over the Xmas hols and having quite a few things to sort out when I got back, I procrastinated over booking my place. When I finally got round to ringing this morning, I was told that there was actually a “closing date” for applications to attend! The switch board operator told me that she would, “put my name forward to attend” – but I may not get in tomorrow. Let’s face it, these people definitely do not want to consult with the public, do they?

  2. Dave Bishop says:

    I think it’s only fair to report that they did let me in.

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