Another one bites the dust: Envirolink NW into liquidation

The website reports

ENVIROLINK Northwest, the not-for-profit organisation set up to drive the low carbon agenda in the region, has been placed into liquidation and all 19 staff have been made redundant. The organisation, which was based in Warrington, was founded in 2001. Its demise comes after the majority of its funding was lost following the closure of the North West Development Agency and subsequent public sector spending cuts.

In the years that MCFly has been publishing (2008 onwards, with a short break for a flight to Australia and half-way back) we have seen many quangos go, “green” businesses fizz, and campaigning groups die a painful death.

Now another bites the dust, to join the NWDA, 4NW, Foundation, Sustainability NW, the Environment Commission,  the Low Carbon Economic Area for the Built Environment, the City Council’s Environmental Advisory Panel, Hulme in Transition, Transition City Manchester, Call to Real Action, Manchester Campaign against Climate Change, Community Network for Manchester, Environment Network for Manchester, and on and on and on. (Chorlton’s Big Green Festival is awfully silent at present – we are unofficially told that they are having a “rest” year. We may don our asbestos suits and request an official statement.)

Still everyone, never fear – the Steering Group will stagger on. Not because of any competence, influence or usefulness, but merely because it is a useful stab-vest for Manchester City Council. So it goes.


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3 Responses to Another one bites the dust: Envirolink NW into liquidation

  1. traffordeco says:

    Is it happening now as we all realise that the time for hope is past?

    • You and I realise this, sure. Other people? – hard to say. The proximate cause of Envirolink’s RIP was the money dried up, and access to the money that was still around slipped away from them.

      Hope is an interesting topic. “Hope for what?” someone once suggested I use as a response. At a meeting organised by a probably defunct outfit. “Hope for anything. Hope for a habitable planet” would be my answer now… Very glad I don’t have any skin in the game…

  2. Big Green Festival ‏@biggreenfest, some of their recent tweets:

    Help raise money 4 Levy & @chorltongoodnei OPEN YOUR GARDEN on Sunday 2nd June. Please get in touch if you’re interested @budgardencentre.
    We’re on @tagpassiton exhibition @ Chorlton library with few of their wonderful indie members, offers,supporters

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