PMT #5: Help find out who is chairing the #Manchester #climate Steering Group sub-groups on #transport #energy etc

Please write a polite letter [see example below] to the Chair of the Stakeholder Steering Group on Climate Change, Steve Connor, asking him to fulfil a commitment he made over 3 weeks ago. That commitment was to answer questions about who will be the chairs of the Steering Group “sub-groups” for Buildings, Energy, Transport, Sustainable Production & Consumption and Green & Blue Spaces. You could also ask about the elections to the Steering Group which were promised at the end of the last Stakeholder Conference in March 2012.

For background you can read this. The email Mr Connor uses for Steering Group business is, and if you’re a twitterer, you could try @headstretcher

Please ONLY send this checking to see if a post on this topic has gone up (hint – it will be the first one in January). As in, this is NOT an invitation to spamming. This is a genuine effort to get answers to basic questions.

Here’s a suggested letter, but please feel free to use your own format.

Dear Mr Connor,

I am, like you, deeply concerned that Manchester take real action on climate change. And like you, I know that these are extremely challenging times for the public sector, private sector and voluntary sector.

Therefore it is all the more important that initiatives like the Stakeholder Steering Group on Climate Change succeed.

Two of the ingredients for its success are clarity and transparency. Therefore I am writing to you to ask you to answer the questions about who will be chairing the sub-groups around Buildings, Energy, Transport, Sustainable Consumption and Green and Blue Spaces, and the reasons for the delays in appointing/announcing these positions.

These questions were asked a month ago, and on January 7th, over three weeks ago, you undertook to post answers on the Steering Group website. To date that has not happened. I appreciate that you are very busy, but these answers do matter.

Additionally, in March of 2012, at the last Stakeholder Conference, you announced that said the Steering Group was ‘currently “exploring election mechanisms” so that members can be elected at next year’s conference and you added that the group was “looking at a co-operative model and details will be finalised by November.” ‘  Could you please advise on where this is up to, since the publicity for the next Stakeholder Conference contains no such details.

Yours sincerely




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