#Manchester #climate nuggets Feb 11th 2013 #mcc #acertainfuture #acretinfuture

Hi all,

with a truly awe-inspiring efficiency the confirmation of invites for the Stakeholder “conference” (3.5 hours, including Leese, Liverpool and Leeds) have gone out.  People have been given… three weeks notice for the “event” which happens on the afternoon of March 4th.  #epicfail.

Sadly, we have been told we are banned from attending.  So it goes.  We’d like to quote the aphorism from Marx (Groucho Marx, that is), that “we wouldn’t be the member of any club that would have us as a member.”  Still and all, there’s a principle at stake here – who gets to be a stakeholder? Who decides that?  We, perhaps immodestly, think that we’ve done more work than some in trying to get Manchester moving on climate.  For instance, in a normal week we put up as much content (written by us and others), as the Steering Group – led as it is by a maestro of public relations – has managed in… two years. #epicfail.

Watch the next post for a few more questions on all this…

See you at the coalface.

Arwa Aburawa and Marc Hudson

Coming up this week

Mon 11th, 7pm AGM of Greater Manchester Cycling Campaign at Friends Meeting House, Mount Street, M2 5NS, close to Manchester Town Hall.

Tues 12, 6.45pm to 9pm Manchester Friends of the Earth Full Group Meeting, Greenfish Resource Centre, Oldham St. http://manchesterfoe.org.uk/

Tuesday 12th, 7.00–9.00pm — and the same time each following Tuesday — Manchester Green Party and Manchester Young Greens members, friends and supporters meet at Kro Bar, 325 Oxford Road (opposite the University of Manchester students union building). There’s no agenda — just meet, talk, share information & ideas.

Weds 13, 6pmDoes the UK have a credible Strategy for Energy: What is the Future of Nuclear Power?’ Professor Martin Freer

The UK faces a major challenge in reshaping its energy portfolio to meet climate change targets, replacing oil and coal and the existing nuclear power stations. Renewables will be part of the picture but are expensive and involve the simultaneous construction of back-up power systems.  The development of shale gas resources could place the UK in the top twenty nations in terms of reserves and might suggest that gas should be the solution but carbon capture and storage remains problematic. It would thus seem there is an important role for nuclear power (if acceptable to public opinion post-Fukushima) but the time-scales are very challenging.

ManDec – Central Manchester University Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust
3rd Floor University of Manchester Dental Hospital
Higher Cambridge Street
M15 6FH

Stories you may have missed on the MCFly website

Local news

Mancunian Matters on the trust cost of Metrolink

Jan 30th – International companies “poised” to take space at Airport City

International news

Stephen Chu (Obama’s Energy Secretary) resigns and tells it like it is

Things to read while the algae grows on your fur

Being Green Has Nothing to do with Wealth” (as in, gosh, poor people give a damn. Who knew?)

Dave Pollard has a map of the politics of climate thought


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Was print format from 2012 to 13. Now web only. All things climate and resilience in (Greater) Manchester.
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  1. ‘Manchester – A Certain Future’, is an apt title for what Manchester City Council is doing and what they are failing to do. The Future is certainly going to very bleak within a few years, not decades. The climate and the atmosphere will become totally hostile for the human, we could be headed the way of the dinosaurs.

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