Tell your councillors! – Free workshop on “local health and well-being in a changing #climate.” #Manchester Mon 4th March

Free training, thanks to the Environment Agency and Climate UK. (All text below from here). You can find the members of Manchester City Council’s Health Scrutiny Committee here. If you are a Manchester resident and any of them is one of your councillors, please DO send them a personal email with link!)

HWBs_National_Flyer1The Environment Agency and Climate UK are hosting free local workshops to encourage integrated strategy-making on health and well-being. The events will help decision-makers understand the impacts of climate change on community health and well-being, leading to improvements in local resilience.

Anyone engaged in the delivery of health and social care, public health, business planning, local commissioning, resilience planning, sustainability and environmental management is welcome.

Why is adaptation important to the provision of health and wellbeing services?

HWBs_National_Flyer2A changing climate is expected to have significant impacts on human health and wellbeing. For example, the heatwave in 2003 resulted in 35,000 excess deaths across Europe and at least 2,000 premature deaths in the UK alone.

Climate change can also have indirect effects on the population:

  • flooding can seriously undermine the mental health of communities that are impacted or those that fear they may be in the future
  • the quality and quantity of the food supply chain can be impacted
  • high temperatures increase ozone and other pollutants in the air, aggravating cardiac and respiratory problems
  • pollen levels are frequently high during a heatwave aggravating allergy sufferers symptoms

The vulnerable groups in our society such as the elderly, young or chronically ill are likely to be worst affected by the impacts – caring for these groups must be factored into planning to meet future demand for health services.

Local service planning and design must take climate change evidence and impacts into consideration to ensure that our health infrastructure − hospitals, health care centres, and surgeries − are resilient to extreme events, maintaining business and service continuity.


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