PMT #8: Tell us what you would like to see MCFly do more of and less of?

It’s a lonely old business running this newsletter/blog. We know we annoy some people by writing articles about things that AREN’T going well, exposing hypocrisies and unkept promises.  We know that many of our most popular posts are the ones that focus on local community action (e.g. the recent interview with Cassie Norman).

We don’t, generally, know what people think we should be doing more of, less of.

So your practical mcmonthly task for this week is – let us know.  There may well only be 10 more issues of the print edition. What should be in them? What should we stop doing? What should we start doing?

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Was print format from 2012 to 13. Now web only. All things climate and resilience in (Greater) Manchester.
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1 Response to PMT #8: Tell us what you would like to see MCFly do more of and less of?

  1. Hi, I think you are doing fine, though i have to say sometimes i just have time to skim your blogs rather then read in depth. But i really appreciate the ;’diary’ element ie letting us know about environmental meetings/activities/events/consultations and news. And i enjoy your opinions and debating issues – the blog is invaluable, many many thanks! I dont always agree with what you say but that’s fine!!
    The trouble I think is at the moment that as activists we are spending more and more time trying to prop up this cuts-ridden city, keep communities alive and engaged and ACCESSING AND VALUING resources that are fast disappearing or under threat. And council officers are so under the cosh/hammer/desperately holding onto their jobs that things are allowed to get worse and worse and they do nothing, dont communicate with us and the situation unravels further. William Eastwood is the ‘Delivery manager’ (I think thats the right term) for Alex park, Fallowfield Library and Platt Fields (amongst many more, but those are just in this tiny neighbourhood ). The Library is scheduled for closure, Alex Park with a big money project but chaotic mishandling of the consultation uproar, Platt Fields terribly badly damaged by commercial exploitation of the fields, with prospects of having to take Alex park carnival as well as the mela this summer in grassland that just cannot cope and with a high level of local opposition. Can he cope? only by burying his head and doing nothing … how does that help anyone?

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