Stop Kidding – Adopt (A Council Scrutiny Committee)

Malnourished and neglected, at risk of a complete loss of their status and usefulness. This poor beast gets minimal sunlight from the MEN and others. YOU can help. With just one hour per month, you can help put this lumbering creature back on its feet and on the path to recovery. With three hours per month of your time, you could transform its entire existence. Don’t delay – contact our direct democracy line now to adopt a Manchester Council Scrunity Committee and help reinvograte democracy.

You can help by educating and scrutinising councillors. There are currently six scrunity committees looking at communities, economy, health, neighbourhoods, finance and young people. They are all equally cute and cuddly (not at all that is) and are in desperate need of an intervention by clued up citizens who want to help them to engage on the climate change agenda.

Our Mission: Currently, climate change campaigner involvement with Manchester City Council’s six scrutiny committees is extremely haphazard. There has been intermittent involvement with the Economy Scrutiny Committee since November 2010 and with the Neighbourhoods Scrutiny Committee since late 2011. Councillors are not lobbied/educated about climate change in any systematic way. So, our mission is to use the current interest in climate change within the council to change the situation so that by mid 2013 every Scrutiny Committee has been adopted by campaigners who are highlighting the importance of climate change to their agenda, inviting stakeholders to the meetings and opening up the council to more scrutiny.

What The Adoption Involves?

Basic Package: Keep track of what the agenda is for the next meeting (have a google alert) and alert other groups to the existence of specific items, especially “environmental ones”. Attend the monthly meetings (if you can – or organise at least one person to be there) – report on it at some level, formally and informally. If you did not attend, find out from either an officer or a councillor what happened and inform others of interesting developments.

Luxury Package: You would keep tabs on the forward plan, lobbying to put items on the agenda. Co-ordinate extensive lobbying of councillors about specific issues. Blog posts critiquing specific reports, highlighting the silences and assumptions and also a careful reading of the official minutes, compared to notes taken at the time. Attend the meetings, live tweeting, instant blog posts and create a database of which councillors are particularly passionate about which issues. Commission/write reports that are then submitted to the committee for discussion, working into the policy context etc.

In exchange for your hard work and dedication to this endangered creature, you will receive:
* Spotters cards so you know who’s who
* Basic explainer, with glossary, of what the committee is all about
* Calendar of when the different groups are meeting etc
* White t-shirts with “Saving Democracy. Ask me how.”
Email with the specific scrutiny committee you are interested in saving and we will be in touch.
Please don’t delay.

About manchesterclimatemonthly

Was print format from 2012 to 13. Now web only. All things climate and resilience in (Greater) Manchester.
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