Repair Cafe for #Manchester – help needed

This, from James Harries, landed in our inbox. There is, inevitably, a facebook group.

Pick up a screwdriver and help end our throwaway society!

Fed up with our throw-away society? Want to help the transition to a more sustainable economy? Enjoy taking things apart and putting things back together again? I am looking for like-minded people in Manchester to set up a group that gets together for evenings of fun, chat and repairs!
We will have a go at taking apart and putting back together mobile phones, cameras, printers, irons…anything you can think of. Through this we can learn about how things are designed, come up with ideas on how to improve product recycling and reuse and, who knows, maybe even bring a few old products back to life!

At this stage I am just looking to gauge the level of interest, so please do email if you’d like to get involved. No prior expertise or knowledge needed, although I am keen to find one or two people with a good technical knowledge of electronics and repairs. Once we get enough people together we can look to set something up. I have already been in touch with the Restart Project in London ( who are keen to help.

If you are interested, or want more information, email James Harries at

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1 Response to Repair Cafe for #Manchester – help needed

  1. gille liath says:

    Good idea. Of course, a lot of products these days are not designed to be repaired, are they? They’re hermetically sealed. But I hope it takes off.

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