#Manchester City Council; #carbon budgets to continue #climate

Manchester City Council has recently abolished the post of “Director of Environmental Strategy” (another casualty of the Central Government cuts). Given that this person was responsible for producing the “Annual Carbon Budgets” of the City Council, we asked Team Grayskull’s press-people a couple of questions…

MCFly sent:
a) The presentation of the outcome of the Annual Carbon Budget for 2012/13 that is due to go to Neighbourhoods Scrutiny and then on to Executive in July; who is responsible for producing that and presenting it?
b) Who has responsibility for producing the 2013/4 Annual Carbon Budget.

Despite its woeful lack of punctuation, MCFly got:
A Manchester City Council spokesperson, said: “The Council will be maintaining its commitment to carbon budgeting and the production of an Annual Carbon Reduction Plan in 2013/14. Councillor Nigel Murphy remains the Executive Member with executive responsibility.  Co-ordination of this work will continue to be a responsibility of the Environmental Strategy service in 2013/14. Plans to integrate this service with the Council’s City Policy team will be progressed early in the financial year.”

MCFly says:
Manchester City Council has aimed for a 10 per cent reduction in its emissions in both its first two budgets, and fell short on both occasions. It has aimed again for 2012/13.
Let’s hope that, unlike last year, the report on 2012/3, and the budget for 13/14, is ready for Neighbourhoods Scrutiny Committee to do its scrutinising in July rather than September…

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Was print format from 2012 to 13. Now web only. All things climate and resilience in (Greater) Manchester.
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