Steering Group chair role – applications extended to Friday 10th May

The role of chair of the Steering Group is up for grabs. We applied (mildly tongue-in-cheek; we think we would do a damn fine job, we also know we have not a snowball’s chance in hell of getting the gig).  The deadline was last Friday, 12th April.  Lo and behold, rather than a “thank you for your application, on this occasion it has been unsuccessful” email, we got this –

“Several comments have been raised with the Steering Group regarding the short timescale for receipt of applications for the role and the fact that the advertisement was live over the Easter holiday period which meant that a number of potential applicants had already missed the deadline.  Therefore the deadline has been extended to midday on Friday 10 May 2013.”

We are informing all applicants of this extension along with an invitation to adapt or improve their applications and resubmit them if they so wish.

Please note the Group has been asked whether it would consider applications from people who wish to co-Chair the role; this is not something that had previously been considered but the Steering Group is certainly open to the  idea.

Only a cynic would suggest that they didn’t have enough palatable applications to be able to make a choice…

Marc “the Cynic” Hudson


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2 Responses to Steering Group chair role – applications extended to Friday 10th May

  1. Deyika says:

    Well sure but who would be a GOOD Chair of the Steering group?

    Who would people LIKE to see in that position?

  2. You are labouring under an illusion my friend; that “the great and the good” in this city – the Manchester Mafia – give a damn about the opinions of stakeholders. In the last 4 years I have seen very very little evidence that they are. Sure, get a few people to be wheeled out now and then as fig-leafs or rubber-stamps. But actually asking the stakeholders (other than the pale male stale corporate men)? Nooo.

    Still, it is – at least in theory – a free country, and anyone can apply for the job. We’d be happy to publish anyone else’s applicaiton – or their nominations of suitable others – on the blog. Well, when we say “anyone’s” we have a few exceptions. Fortunately these are people who cross the street when they see us coming, so are unlikely to want their CV seen by MCFly’s readers (either of them).

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