Kevin Anderson: “why the near-collapse of Europe’s carbon-trading scheme could be good for reducing emissions” #Manchester #climate

Professor Kevin Anderson of the Tyndall Centre will be addressing the Economy Scrutiny Committee of Manchester City Council on Weds May 22nd at 10am. That will take place at Manchester Town Hall, and you don’t need a ticket or anything to turn up. See you there!

Meanwhile, Professor Anderson (see interview here) has a blog. His latest post is entitled “Coaxing the mitigation phoenix from the ashes of the EU ETS”, and contains the immortal lines

If this were 1990 or even 2000 then gradual reductions in emissions could arguably keep the carbon budget broadly in line with the 2°C threshold between acceptable and dangerous climate change. But, despite more than two decades of international negotiations, emissions of greenhouse gases continue to rise and, at least for the coming few years, show no sign of changing direction. Consequently, in 2013, the 2°C threshold is no longer deliverable through gradual mitigation, but only through deep cuts in emissions, i.e. non-marginal reductions at almost step-change levels.

You can (and should, imho) read the whole thing here.

Marc Hudson

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