Discuss: What difficulties do groups tackling #climate change face? #Manchester #socialmovements

webMCFlyWe want to hear from you!  We want your answers to the following question –
What are the particular difficulties groups trying to tackle “climate change” face?

Is it the fact that climate change is perceived as a “distant” issue that will affect only polar bears and unborn generations?
Is it that it is too “science-y”?  The preserve of middle-class hippies with guilt complexes?  Too big?  Not “social justice-y” enough?

Let us know your thoughts and experiences. Answers will appear in the next Manchester Climate Monthly…


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1 Response to Discuss: What difficulties do groups tackling #climate change face? #Manchester #socialmovements

  1. paul exall says:

    While not wanting to sound negative as there are many great projects around sustainability and people with full passion and good intentions. I have come to recognize that there is a great deal of competition and fear based mentality that is detrimental to the city, environment and ultimately causes massive damage to our biosphere within the local and global business of sustainability I’ve come to see this acutely by working in the same arena as the business/community development orientated companies that run there various arms of trading mainly on public funds.

    I work with a very interesting technology that has already brought great change and beneficial effects on the environment at large globally. We see more and more interest locally from those that have taken the time to look at it and have begun to integrate it in there daily lives. It cleans the pollution from the ground and water and composts food waste in two weeks by the process of fermentation. Its methane free and promotes vital plant growth due to the mix of beneficial bacteria contained within the food and green waste. This is Bokashi.

    By taking simple steps it enables us to develop true grass roots resilience in the face of future environmental economic hardship we are constantly being made aware of is our potential future. By closing the loops between household waste and our back garden food production we can move a big step forward in being organic city farmers and less reliant on the 3 day supply chain we are currently dependent on for our sustenance.

    The resistance to this in the main sector of sustainability and green ways within central Manchester by those people one would imagine to be the most forward in promoting such a positive thing and also a very local company that is just starting out was a surprise to say the least. This was due to there mindset of us potentially being in the competition for future resources that they see themselves as being in the natural position to lead on and acquire, has been a small block for Manchester and the global EM movement though in my mind worth mentioning and brought into the light of day.

    EM technology is the future, you only have to see youtube and look at The cleaning of the inland seto sea, to see what it means for us all if we are prepared to get stuck in and put our intentions into being rather than following the same old game of talking about climate change and not actually putting a heartfelt positive effort into doing something real, while at the same time having a secure future in whole (sustainable game).

    There are companies that started on public funds as a community interest but to still be running it on funding many years down the line and talking about how they benefit the community, having a good position within the (community) to get funds and being elitist in attitude and competitive to the point of rudeness, it just wont do anymore. Its the way the program works to keep real progress from happening create economic stress which causes worry and competition for work, its clearly seen and felt. These are the times of change both positive and very negative and unless people wake up to that and stop worrying about feathering there own nests on a local and global level and start to co-create in a real and dynamic manner were all going to suffer greatly.

    At the same time I am seeing the same thing happening in the current development of the most impoverished part of Manchester and its not correct. People who are not off the place but imagine they know what is good for the people and the place but actually are just building more empires in the sand. The planet is in a mess. The water in Manchester is in a mess, we have some of the foulest waters in Europe and mostly we are oblivious to the fact while it runs underfoot. We have to do something to turn it around.

    I don’t say these things lightly, its very personal due to my emotional attachment to my work and i have kept my council for a long time on the inequalities that i see around me and those that don’t want to play ball. I do care and we are doing something about it. I and everyone else are in the position to be able to stand up and shout about things we feel are not on. Its my planet too and my city born and bred and i do give a …..

    We are constantly reminded by the earth that things are in a mess and in my mind its one main thing that’s doing it, a competitive attitude that causes our inability to work together and share freely both resources intelligence and creativity this is like a cancer that needs to be healed.

    Pacha mama takes care of her wounds, we can help her and our future or hinder. Its up to us.

    See the data base on http://www.emrojapan.com on water projects and bokashi composting

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