#Manchester Metropolitan University tops “Green League”

You heard it here first. Unless you read the Guardian, in which maybe you heard it here second, or third…

mmuManchester Metropolitan University has come first, (up from 10th place last year), in the “Green League” organised by the campaigning student group “People and Planet.”

They’re holding their “Green Impacts” awards on Friday. MCFly reported on ’em last year, but this year we won’t. Not because we’ve fallen out with the MMU folks (we at MCFly maintain extremely cordial relations with everyone), but because former MCFly co-editor Arwa Aburawa has selfishly gone and got herself gainful employment in London, with Al-Jazeera…

Doubtless, though, a) we’ll have some second-hand gossip and slightly inaccurate factoids to spray across the internet b) for the next year, MMU will be insufferably smug.  But they’ve got the problem that the only way is… down?!

“Proper” report (complete with quotes) to follow in due course.

We might even press MMU for their long-promised and never delivered statement on their Scope 3 emissions…

Meanwhile congratulations to all the people who made this happen.

And now, over to the Green Party, for some comments about Birley Fields.

PS University of Manchester? Down to 96th, from 59th.  Doubtless Colin Hughes is, as we speak, planning an exemplary execution or three…


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