“Carbon Conversations” training in #Manchester Friday 5th July, #climate #dialogues

MCFly interviewed Rosemary Randall, psychoanalyst, a while back.  Cracking interview it was too (not the questions – the answers!!).  She was involved in setting up “Carbon Conversations”.  Here’s an “advert” – unpaid – for their upcoming training day(s).


Intensive Experience Friday 5th July 2013

Carbon Conversations is a set of structured, creative and fun workshops which helps people help themselves and each other reduce their carbon footprint. It is run by The Surefoot Effect.


This evidence-based programme gets small groups to deal with inertia, resistance and – hopelessness – by connecting to values, emotions and identity. Practicalities are woven together with discussions of what changes mean to them.

Individuals typically make an immediate personal reduction of 1 tonne, and a long term plan to halve their footprint.

You can find out much more on the website at:


The community programme is run by volunteer facilitators. Surefoot provides high-quality training to these facilitators.

The usual route to becoming a facilitator is to first participate in a full Carbon Conversation. This is difficult in areas where carbon conversations is not yet embedded and to overcome that we run an “Intensive Experience” from time to time, where participants are able to learn, in one day, much of what Carbon Conversations is about.

The next “Intensive” is on Friday, 5 July at Manchester University. If you are interested, details and contact information can be found at:


This is designed to be a stand-alone experience, a taster, but there is also a full facilitator training in Manchester over the weekend 6/7 July for anyone who feels interested enough to get right into it. It is a requirement for this training that participants have attended the Intensive Experience or completed a full “Conversation”. Details of the facilitator training are found at:


Costs: we don’t want cost to be a barrier to participation.

So, if you are unwaged or low-paid, let’s talk about it.

Our training, by skilled and experienced trainers costs £80 per day to put on. We expect a professional person in full-time employment or those who are funded to meet the full cost.

Call Jane Orton on (01295) 262975 or Tony Wragg on 07771 820 619.



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