“Something for the Weekend” Sat 29th June #Manchester #climate

How do you stop a skunk from smelling?
Chop off his nose!

And for any Animal Rights activists who are not amused – Richard Leese told me this joke over a pint last night. True story.

Right, two events this weekend that may be of interest.  Today a jumble sale, tomorrow the “Economy for the 99%” event in Chorlton (disclosure – I’m doing a workshop at it).

Marc Hudson

Sat 29th 7am to 1pm South Manchester Bike Jumble
Parrswood Environmental Centre
Plenty of bargains and great atmosphere at the Parswood Environmental Centre.
Coffees, Teas, Cakes and other delights will be provided by Manchester’s own Coffee Cranks Cooperative.
It’s FREE for all those buying.
If you’re selling:
It’s £8 if you’re in a car. And a symbolic £1 if you just want to sell a few bits and bobs and come an a bike.
All proceeds go to charity.

Sun 30th “Economy for the 99%”

St Clement’s Church
6 Edge Lane
M21 9JF
United Kingdom

Sunday, June 30, 2013 from 12:30 PM to 5:00 PM (PDT)


“Economy for the 99%” – full workshop information

It’s the economy stupid!

Keynote speaker Charles Secrett explodes the myth that austerity is the only way and explores the diversity of positive alternatives.

Charles Secrett is a prominent environmental activist of many years standing.  He has held a number of influential posts, among them head of Friends of the Earth 1993- 2001. He is an author and broadcaster on environmental topics

Housing shortage, what shortage?

At least a million houses are lying empty and yet people desperately need homes.  What if those seeking jobs and skills could be trained and bring those properties back into use?  Aileen McDonnell – freshly returned from the national Housing Conference – will discuss with participants the latest thinking about good quality housing for all.

Aileen McDonnell is a Construction, Housing and Social enterprise expert who believes that decent affordable housing for all is possible- and a foundation stone for local communities. Construction and Housing are a key component of the economy – and will be in an economy for the 99%. Aileen has a long record of improving housing by design (e.g. disabled adaptations based around the needs of people, not just costs), bringing empty properties back into use and creating jobs in construction for unemployed and disadvantaged people.

Economics and Empathy

How would our economy look if empathy was at its heart? Rev David Gray, an entertaining and inspiring workshop leader, will explore this idea with participants. He will bring experience of growing food for homeless people, growing communities and creating mutual support.

Rev David Gray is not your typical rev!  He brings laughter into funerals, sparks ingenious community collaboration, works within the interfaith community for tolerance and compassion and is just a great soul to have around.  

Incredible Edible

In the UK we import around 70% of what we eat, and produce a lot of waste in the process! Incredible Edible promotes a community approach to the growing and eating of locally produced food, and the network is growing – not just within the UK, but internationally.

Betty-Ann Bristow, Phil Duncan and George Heron from Incredible Edible Prestwich & District (IEPAD) will open the discussion about the values of ‘growing your own’, and how Incredible Edible aims to provide access to fresh local food to all through working with the community, education, and supporting local businesses.

Charter for Abundance   

Imagine a world where we work fewer hours, leisure is affordable, green space is abundant, food is fresh and local, goods are non toxic and biodegradable, energy is non- polluting and affordable, all have the opportunity for useful and meaningful work.  ‘Entirely possible’ say the authors of the Charter.

Pauline Lozoya Hocking has a long history of youth and community empowerment and also a deep passion for the environment and transformational politics.  She is a founder member of Climate Survivors and co-author of it’s Charter for Abundance.

One Million Climate Jobs

People need jobs and the climate needs fixing – why can’t the two be put together?  They can  – to the benefit of all and the planet.

Martin Empson is the treasurer of the Campaign against Climate Change’s Trades Union group and one of the authors of the influential pamphlet  One Million Climate Jobs 

Activist Skills and Knowledge

From “novice” to “ninja” – Simple and fun ways to find out what skills and knowledge are in the room, which ones are missing and how to share them all! http://askfortheworld.net

Marc Hudson is a long-term climate activist and founding editor of Manchester Climate Fortnightly (MCFly), which is now Manchester Climate Monthly.  He was also a founder member of Steady State Manchester.

Move your money (No dash for gas)

We all know that the banks have failed us and something has to change.  The banks won’t change of their own accord and politicians and regulators are too narrowly focused on maintaining the status quo, so we must be the agents of change. It is simple: make a positive decision about where to put your money.

A member of the move your money team will share how the campaign has been growing, the effect it has had and the enormous potential it has if we all move our money.  (It is hoped they can also run a workshop on ‘no dash for gas’ – logistics for this almost sorted 🙂

How to turn your home into an environmental blessing

We will discuss the process of the simple steps we can take by implementing the use of effective micro-organisms (or EM) into the daily household for a chemical-free organic home that has a positive environmental impact due to the pro-biotic nature of EM.

EM Technology has been in use since the early 80’s in more than 100 countries. It has been taken on in the home, agriculture and in grass roots environmental projects to re-mediate polluted water and land.

Paul Exall will be bringing examples of bokashi fermented organic matter and explaining the techniques.

Beyond the fragments 

The secretary of the Alliance for Jobs and Climate shares the experience of how diverse groups can work together to enrich and strengthen all

Peter Robinson is a long standing campaigner and co-founded the Alliance for Jobs and Climate and is also involved in developing the People’s Assembly.  He is passionate that together we can create a more equitable economy and that tackling climate change must sit at the core of this.

Meditation for All 

A great personal aid for stretched activists.

Rachel Schillinger a longstanding Bhuddist meditator, will take participants through consciousness of the breath and a ‘loving kindness’ meditation.

And in the evening….

Chat, relaxation & songs from Banner Theatre!

(In the Spread Eagle, Wilbrahim Rd from 5.30pm)

Banner Theatre provide music and drama relevant to all in the green and labour movement that both uplifts and entertains us.


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Was print format from 2012 to 13. Now web only. All things climate and resilience in (Greater) Manchester.
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4 Responses to “Something for the Weekend” Sat 29th June #Manchester #climate

  1. Sam Darby says:

    So! Name dropping about getting sloshed and cracking jokes with OUR GLORIOUS LEADER! I can see that you will soon be a reporter for THE SUN! Sam Date: Sat, 29 Jun 2013 07:34:55 +0000 To: samdarby43@hotmail.com

  2. Hi Sam,
    I keep forgetting that the Interwebs is not so good at irony. Just to clarify, I wasn’t getting sloshed with OGL last night, merely trying to re-direct any hypothetical ire of animal rights folks away from me and onto him! The Sun? I’d fail the ethics test…

  3. Paul Exall, is a nice enough guy but he is wrong about the use of micro-organism. They have been in use for some considerable time over here in the UK. http://www.gardenorganic.org.uk/index.php, have a number of products which contain beneficial fungi for sale.
    And, where were you drinking with Leese, then?

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