Round-up of groups’ views on #Manchester Council’s Carbon “Reduction” Plan #beyondthecarbonbudget

Today the Neighbourhoods Scrutiny Committee discusses the City Council’s “Annual Carbon Reduction Plan.” MCFly asked various groups for a statement. Here’s what we got;

Steady State Manchester‘s take Inaccurate Figures Risk Complacency in Manchester City Councils Carbon Reduction Plan.

twogoalsIn essence;

“Steady State Manchester is wholeheartedly in support of Manchester City Council in its ambitions to create a low carbon city and its commitment to reduce the councils direct emissions by 41%, relative to 2010 levels, by 2020. [sic]  It is unfortunate that despite numerous effective projects the council missed its target of a 10% reduction this year with emissions increasing by 1.6%, if the emissions associated with ‘Traffic Signalling’, which moved out of MCC’s direct responsibility this year, are taken into account.”

[Why sic? Because the actual agreement was that the “baseline” year for the 41% reduction would be 2005, a tougher ask than 2010.  It’s like having to go on a diet to get back into the wedding kit you wore for your first marriage, at 22, rather than your second, at 35… MCFly]

Manchester Friends of the Earth are aware of the increase in emissions and are submitting a statement to the Neighbourhoods Scrutiny Committee

Manchester Green Party have posted the following on their website;
The results of Manchester City Council’s Annual Carbon Budget Report are highly disappointing. The aim of a 10% decrease in carbon emissions have been missed again, the reported result is 7%.

But while this is not good news , the disappointment lies in the detail. As spotted by ‘Manchester Climate Monthly’, the reduction is not due to any action by the Council itself, but the transfer of responsibility to another body. To then present this as a ‘reduction’ is bad faith.
Without this trick, the Council’s carbon emissions actually increased, with particularly in buildings and air travel. The council has direct control over these areas.

If, in essence, the Council is going to lie about its carbon reduction, then the whole Annual Carbon Budget Report process is a farce.

Deyika Nzeribe
Manchester Green Party

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