Friends of the Earth: “Support the people of Balcombe” #fracking #crazyspecies

This landed in our email inbox…

You’ve probably seen the headlines. Fracking is big news as the picturesque village of Balcombe in West Sussex becomes the latest site for test drilling in the UK.

Local residents are battling against the corporate giants who want to frack their community:

“We in Balcombe feel bullied. Bullied by the oil and gas industry. Bullied by our government. We stand strong in the fight against this dangerous and misguided government policy” Kathryn McWhirter, No Fracking in Balcombe Society.

Friends of the Earth is supporting our friends in Balcombe by providing hands-on advice to the local community.

Join us in supporting the residents of Balcombe by sending them a message of support today.

We’ll take your messages of support down to the Balcombe residents later this week. I know they’d love to hear from you.

You can also fill in our quick questionnaire to tell us your thoughts on fracking. What concerns you most and what do you want to do about it?

We have already helped strengthen the planning guidance for fracking and worked with directly affected communities in Lancashire. Together we can continue to delay the fracking industry and help move the UK to a clean energy future.

Thanks for your support,

Tony Bosworth

Energy and Climate Campaigner


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