“Ministers blitzed on biomass” (Press Release from #Trafford Breathe Clean Air Group)

Press release*:

Over 500 letters have been sent to Government Ministers and Agency Chairman in the Breathe Clean Air Group’s summer campaign of protest about Biomass burning and the Barton Renewable Energy Plant in Davyhulme, Greater Manchester.

“Our campaign has told the decision makers in London, that the people of Trafford do not want a biomass incinerator on their doorstep and that biomass burning is bad news for air quality in the whole of the UK” said Pete Kilvert, Chairman of the Breathe Clean Air Group.

“Burning biomass produces toxic chemicals and gases as well as masses of tiny Particulate Matter that will have serious ill-health impacts, such as asthma, COPD, heart attacks, strokes, cancer and premature death,” added Mr Kilvert.

In a seven week campaign, BCAG members and supporters targeted Prime Minister David Cameron, Secretary of State at DECC Ed Davey, Minister for Energy Michael Fallon, Minister for Climate Change Gregory Barker, Secretary of State at DEFRA Owen Paterson, Chairman of the Environment Energy Lord Smith and Chief Executive of Public Health England Duncan Selbie.

“Some of the responses received from Ministers show a complete lack of concern about the health of the public, and put complete faith in the Environment Agency,” said Mr Kilvert. “They did not comment on the fact that the Environment Agency has never turned down an application for an incinerator or biomass plant. They also told us that the Environment Agency carries out unannounced monitoring inspections of such plants, when the EA has admitted that all visits are arranged with the plant operator prior to the visit.”

The Breathe Clean Air Group wants the Government to change its policy on burning biomass for a number of sound reasons including health impacts, destruction of forests and their native communities and wildlife; global warming and re-using valuable resources not destroying them. The group also supports safe energy generation such as solar, wind, tidal, wave and hydro.

For further information about the campaign to stop the Barton Renewable Energy
Plant and stop burning biomass please contact  www.BreatheCleanAirGroup.co.uk.

* This – reprinting press releases – is not how MCFly would have liked to cover things. But there’s been a 50% in staffing at MCFly recently, and given that the project terminates in December, it’s a bit late to be training new folk up… So it goes…

UPDATE 26th August 2013 : We did try to get a comment out of the Environment Agency about whether unannounced visits were indeed unannounced. They have, so far, ignored the question.

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