Help! What would you say to a 13 yr old who asked “Is it too late?” #manchester #climate

A 13 yr old asked the key question, at the end of the “q and ” after a showing of the documentary film “Chasing Ice.”

The question was –

So practically, at this point all we can do is minimise the damage or prepare for the damage, not really affect [i.e. slow/stop/reverse] it?

I don’t think my answer was very good (you can see it in this clip below, starting at about 1 min 19 secs.

If ever I am asked the question again, I’d like to have a better set of possible answers.  Help!!  If you don’t want to use the comments box below (the best option), please email

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2 Responses to Help! What would you say to a 13 yr old who asked “Is it too late?” #manchester #climate

  1. Dave Bishop says:

    How about:
    I think that you should be aware that your elders, many of whom wouldn’t dream of discriminating against other human beings on account of their ethnicity or sexuality, are recklessly and blatantly discriminating against you, future generations and all non-human living things. Please remind them of this at every opportunity.

  2. Two more responses, via facebook –

    It’s too late to expect to live the life your parents and grandparents have. It is not too late to have a rewarding, fulfilling (different) life. Just don’t have kids


    “I imagine teenagers could get very angry about our predicament. Decisions need to be made now to mitigate climate change so we will have to adapt less in the future. If we don’t do much now, we will have to adapt more in the future. Somehow, we need to understand that we must stop using Aviation for business and leisure. If high-speed broadband was made accessible to all, then this could be used for video-conferencing instead of flying to meetings. Ships could be made more environmentally friendly with technical refits; for example, they could use sails or kites for propulsion! Need to empower teenagers with the facts so they are not paralysed with fear and despair, but can educate/pester their parents to change? What are schools teaching kids about Climate Change?”

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