“414 cities report raft of inspiring climate actions” not #Manchester though…

ICLEI “is the leading local authorities network addressing sustainable development. Since 2010, it has been operating the cCCR, the world’s largest database of local climate action through the voluntary reporting pursuant to political commitments (i.e. signatories of Mexico City Pact), capacity building efforts at the national level (i.e. Japan Registry, PACMUN Project in Mexico and Urban-LEDS Project in Brazil, India, Indonesia, S. Africa), and by creating incentives (i.e. WWF Earth Hour City Challenge implemented in 15 countries).”


See if you can see Manchester on this map…



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Was print format from 2012 to 13. Now web only. All things climate and resilience in (Greater) Manchester.
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3 Responses to “414 cities report raft of inspiring climate actions” not #Manchester though…

  1. Dick Venes says:

    Dear Marc,

    Thanks for this. On a different subject, is MCF registering an objection to the proposed A6MARR road scheme which has just been submitted for planning approval by Stockport, Manchester and Cheshire East Councils? The local Green Parties are doing so. One angle you might find interesting is that the Environmental Statement fails to make any reference to climate change in its list of impacts!


    Dick Venes.

  2. Dick Venes says:

    Dear Marc,

    Apologies if you’ve already picked this up – a very poor uninformed article from Graham Stringer MP on fracking/climate change is included in this issue. Is it worth asking them for an opportunity to respond? I’m appalled by Stringer’s attitude and views, particularly as he claims to have a science background!



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