#Manchester Council Exec for Environment on flood risk management strategy

So how was your first Exec (meeting)?
It was interesting. It was nice to see so many people coming and watching it. It was nice to see so many people around the table. It was a very quick meeting, much quicker than I’d expected. I had four hours blocked off in my diary for it..

The flood risk management strategy. Can you quickly give an overview of what that is and what happens next?

The paper we were considering today [pdf] is a draft flood risk management strategy, which just sets out all the actions that the council has to take under statutory legislation to prepare a flood risk management strategy. And that document’s going to go out for consultation. It’s around gathering lots of evidence about where our flood risks are coming from, including understanding some of the things we know about in the city but we don’t fully understand, like hidden watercourses.
So, over the next six months we’re proposing as a council to gather lots of evidence about flood risk and where it comes from and then proceed to manage that flood risk with a range of partners.
And a really important part of this flood risk management strategy is about how we work with partners, because in the previous flooding in 2007 lots of partners, like the Environment Agency and the councils weren’t working well together, and that’s why there was such a huge impact of those floods.
So it’s about working more closely with partners, gathering external funding for our flood risk priorities and getting the evidence-base of where the problems are across Manchester, including the hidden ones.


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2 Responses to #Manchester Council Exec for Environment on flood risk management strategy

  1. Dick Venes says:

    A shame that the Exec member shares with campaigners the naive belief that political policies are based on evidence, when most of the practical experience shows that this is not the case. Examples in other fields include drugs policy, economic policies, etc. I wish her success improving MCC’s so far lacklustre performance on climate change issues but I’m not very hopeful.

    • They will find/create some policy-based evidence to justify what they are doing, no doubt.

      My naivety, Dick, is more that the human species and its bureaucracies are in some way “rational”. No matter how much evidence I am presented with to the contrary, I can’t shake the programming. I suppose the horrible reality – that we are a jumble of drives and urges and stupidities – is simply too scary to countenance. So it goes…

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