Good News Saturday: #Manchester #graphene to trap man-made emissions #climate

Okay, the title of this post is mildly smutty click-bait. So sue me…

Sir Richard Leese positively gushes about the economic potential of the wonder-material graphene (atom-thick sheets of carbon atoms; super-light, super-strong). Here’s a suggestion he hasn’t put forward before. If it comes off, there’s no doubt that as well as having the Freedom of the City, the inventors Andre Geim and Konstantin Novoselov will have a statue erected for them (made of graphene?), to sit alongside their Nobels…

This from the MEN on Thursday 21st November –


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  1. The latest I have seen on Graphene, is that there is less than 200 patents in the UK, using Graphene. whilst in China, they already have over 2,000 patents concerning Graphene.

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