BBC Radio #Manchester and doing the “read the papers” thing

I was on this morning.  You can listen to it here – until Dec 17th or so.

From 46:42  me on Mandela, fracking and Super-cockroaches

And then from 1:20: 19 On the difficulties of being a Big Charity, and some light gloating about the cricketing debacle in Adelaide.

All feedback welcome…


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Was print format from 2012 to 13. Now web only. All things climate and resilience in (Greater) Manchester.
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4 Responses to BBC Radio #Manchester and doing the “read the papers” thing

  1. Jonathan Atkinson says:

    Really great to hear alternative views on the Radio rather than the usual mainstream consensus.

    It’s also good to hear your kinds of view challenged by the mainstream – Allan’s an unforgiving host. Are you on regularly?

  2. Hi Jonathan, glad you found useful. Yeah, he’s unforgiving in the sense that he wants to “test you to destruction” – I don’t know if he is like that with other guests – I’ve only heard the show a few times. I don’t think he is unfair though – he gives you enough rope to hang yourself etc. After all, he’s a journo and he’s supposed to “push back” against whoever is on!

    That was the fourth time I’ve been on, and I would like to do it monthly if they’ll have me!


    • Jonathan Atkinson says:

      He’s alway very testing, whoever he has on but he’s always been willing to hear alternative views and opinions – he just doesn’t tolerate wooly language or thinking.

  3. Well, that’s good to know, goes with my suspicion. And, after all, that’s one of the things he is supposed to do, as a proper journalist/presenter. I certainly think anyone who goes on his show better take their A-game, or they will be in trouble fairly quickly. When are you buying me pints, anyway, Atkinson, eh?

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