Professor Kevin Anderson on shale gas, civil disobedience and Barton Moss #Manchester #climate

[Update 23rd Dec – see also Prof Anderson on science, silence and ‘neutrality‘]

Professor Kevin Anderson of the Tyndall Centre on why shale gas – with or without fracking – is a very bad idea. At the 3 minute mark he responds to a question about the recent wind-turbine-blade-blocking-the-Barton-Moss site.

This is a clip from a longer interview, conducted on Tuesday 17th December which covered the recent Radical Emissions Reduction Conference at the Royal Society, the UNFCCC talks in Warsaw, time machines, psychological denial and other topics. That 38 minute interview will go up very soon.

On civil disobedience; The great American historian Howard Zinn said that the problem isn’t civil disobedience, but rather civil obedience… See Matt Damon reading one of his essays


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7 Responses to Professor Kevin Anderson on shale gas, civil disobedience and Barton Moss #Manchester #climate

  1. I could not agree more with Kevin Anderson.

  2. ed says:

    I wouldn’t mind betting that Anderson’s CO2 footprint is higher than that of most people in the UK.

    Emissions are very closely linked to income.

    If we all lived at the same standard as people on the wages of university professors then we’d need many more coal, gas and nuclear power stations.

  3. Stephen Ferguson says:

    Absolutely stunning analysis by Kevin Anderson that should make us all think. So why, I ask myself, are scientists such as Kevin who can speak truth to power so eloquently never invited onto BBCs Question Time?

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