Sunday Telegraph in crap journalism shocker!! Smears anti-frackers as “outsiders”

It’s doubtful many Manchester Climate Monthly readers bother with the increasingly down-market “Daily Torygraph.”
And it’s even more doubtful that many of those would be taken in by the sort of “foreign outsiders making trouble by trying to stop entirely sweet and nice fracking rig bringing super cheap energy to the impoverished and grateful people of Salford” article that was published yesterday.

But just in case – and also because these sorts of things shouldn’t be allowed to pass without comment- here are two excellent demolitions of the so-called “journalism” on display yesterday.

The first is from No Dash for Gas, one of the groups involved in the Barton Moss protests

The other is posted on a blog “InMyHumbleetc”, and includes the observation
“The article is subtle, as dog whistling often is, but the whistling is there: the choice of photographs, including a caption (since amended) which incorrectly states that one of the pair is from Poland; mentions of them living “hundreds of miles away” and referring to “demonstrations as far afield as Turkey and Gaza in support of Palestinian rights”. The underlying message, backed up by mentions of trade-union membership, attendance at Cambridge, and involvement in struggles elsewhere in the world is that these ‘leaders’ of the campaign at Barton Moss, if not strictly foreigners, are some variety of rootless cosmopolitan. At the very least they are portrayed as the kind of ‘outsider’ who should rightly be spurned by the kind of forelock-tugging grim-up-north worthies that inhabit Salford in the imagination of your average Telegraph journalist.”


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