#Manchester City Council breaks #climate promise number 1627 or so.

Manchester City Council is (not) at it again.

In January 2013 the Neighbourhoods Scrutiny Committee had a discussion of the “Certain Future” (Manchester Climate Change Action Plan ‘refresh’.  MCFly’s editor was there, which made the conversation a little bit more robust than perhaps senior councillors were hoping for.

One of the things that emerged was a promise that a report about the Steering Group (see MCFly passim, ad nauseam) would be presented to Neighbourhoods.  This was, with customary sense of urgency, put down for January 2014. Nothing like long grass, is there? And there the promise of the report stayed, on the “forward plan” for January 2014, until as late as November (see below)


And guess what!  The Neighbourhoods Scrutiny Committee met yesterday. And… no report.*

This is so typical that it is barely worth reporting.

And they wonder why people regard them as untrustworthy and not serious.
To call this a farce is unfair. To farces.

Marc Hudson

* Yes, doubtless someone will pop up and say “it’s on the agenda for the Environmental Sustainability Subgroup.”  Not good enough.  [UPDATE 22 Jan 2014 – nope, not even there.] Neighbourhoods has responsibility.  And what happened to the idea of quarterly progress reports on the Annual Carbon Plans?  And what happened to the Annual Carbon Plan 2013-4  which never even went to Executive!

And when is the Council’s 3 year “plan” going to go to scrutiny.  Rumours of it appearing before Communities seem unfounded. And in any case, it belongs under Neighbourhoods. Guess what, it’s not on their forward plan either!!


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