Another year in #Manchester – Steady State Manchester 2013 and 2014

Following on from other group’s summaries, here is Mark Burton from Steady State Manchester.

What was your biggest achievement in 2013?
There were several: Helped facilitate the consideration of the environment in relation to economy by MCC Economy Scrutiny Committee. Joint conference on Rethinking Prosperity with CRESC, CLES, MERCi and Equality trust. Gradual expansion of network and credibility of Steady State and post-Growth thinking.

If you could go back to the beginning of the year and give yourself one warning/piece of advice, what would it be?
Be careful to keep focussed – it’s easy to try to cover everything.

What have you got planned for 2014, and how can people get involved in what you do.

  • Continuing to develop and explain our understanding of a viable economy (including a revision and development of In Place of Growth).
  • Specific work on the local Food Economy.
  • Publication of our report on local authorities and pay inequality.
  • Maintain a steady stream of news and discussion covering events, developments and key ideas and concepts.
  • To continue building the collective and the wider network of friends and associates.

People can get involved by signing up as friends of Steady State Manchester. We also work with other groups and organisations on initiatives where we have a common interest.


About manchesterclimatemonthly

Was print format from 2012 to 13. Now web only. All things climate and resilience in (Greater) Manchester.
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