Action for Sustainable Living seeking small premises, will employ less than one full-time equivalent #Manchester

The charity Action for Sustainable Living has announced its first year of shrinkage.  At its Annual General Meeting last nights, its chair Chris Wright announced that “2013 was the first year in which AfSL received no new grant or contract for community or schools work from any Greater Manchester local authority.”  As a consequence, they are moving out of their current offices at the end of the month, and in negotiations for an alternate city centre location.
Presumably this will be a smaller one.  In response to questions from MCFly, Mr Wright and fellow head-honcho-type Gabby Porter explained that staffing levels would be three part-time people “getting to one full-time equivalent.”  They were not able to say which days someone who phoned in order to get involved would speak to a human, with that information going on the website soon.   Asked about when AfSL would know if it indeed has been successful in accessing grants about which he spoke with cautious optimism, Mr Wright said “it could be as soon as the end of February, it could be longer.”

All this completely undermines the speculation for which MCFly was mildly chastised back in November.

Here’s the audio of a brief interview with Chris Wright

<iframe width=”560″ height=”315″ src=”//” frameborder=”0″ allowfullscreen>

More – on the fantastic food (well, duh, the event was catered by Didsbury Dinners) and the excellent but curiously incomplete speech by Executive Member for the Environment Cllr Kate Chappell – to follow.


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2 Responses to Action for Sustainable Living seeking small premises, will employ less than one full-time equivalent #Manchester

  1. Nigel Green says:

    This is a great piece of investigative journalism, on a par with Woodward & Bernstein’s revelations about Watergate. John Pilger eat your heart out!

    Sincerely, Deep Throat

    • Thanks so much, “Deep Throat.”

      Your sarcasm really made me laugh, you know? But guess what – Action for Sustainable Living were refusing to answer straight-forward questions via email, on more than one occasion. You clearly think that is acceptable behaviour.
      So I realised I would have to go to their AGM to get any facts. Real Woodward and Bernstein stuff, as you say. And guess what, when I went to their AGM they didn’t even tell everyone else the basic facts about how many staff they would be employing during their presentation. These basic facts had to be extracted during the Question and Answer session, during which they HAD to give answers (Charity Commission etc etc). Are you happy with that? Are you happy that your beloved AfSL has been so economical with basic transparency? Is that how you like to see civil society organisations behave? Is it?

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