Book Review: Industrial Revolution by R.T. Cutforth #Manchester writer

cutforthLocal author RT Cutforth has written an entertaining and suitably (post-)apocalyptic novel set in Manchester. “Industrial Revolution” opens with a bravura scene of “physical interrogation” (when we do it; torture, when our enemies do it) that recalls the “Is it safe?” sequence in Marathon Man.

Our unreliable and amnesiac narrator, Seth, ekes out an existence in a largely-deserted Northern Quarter, starving but for herb pizzas he gets in exchange for scrap metal. The clock is ticking – the torturers of the opening scene have given him a deadline (in every sense) for when they want the information from him. Information he simply cannot recall.

It’s a kind of mash-up of Twelve Monkeys and Total Recall, with smatterings of the one good episode of the TV show Logan’s Run.* All against a sort of “The Death of Grass” backdrop.

What I am trying to say is this – there are very few “original” plots. Shakespeare nicked most of his, and we remember him for his execution. R.T. Cutforth isn’t Shakespeare (nobody is), but this is a well-written book, especially its action sequences, including a brilliantly-executed confrontation/chase in a windy Beetham Tower.

Saddo quibble: As a health care professional with a smattering of anatomy, I will quibble on one thing – the clavicle and the humerus don’t have a joint. I know, I know, I should get out more. But then who would submit FoIAs to Manchester City Council about this and that?

Marc Hudson

PS Need some short apocalyptic fiction? Try the winner and runners-up of last year’s Manchester Climate Monthly short story contest!


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