Polar Bear Facepalm: #Manchester MP Graham Stringer invites #climate ‘contrarians’ to House of Commons

What statesmanship!!


Among them will be Professor Richard Lindzen, formerly of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, who spends much of his time complaining about the politicisation of science while speaking at events such as rallies for ‘Repeal the Climate Change Act’.

Also due to appear is Donna Laframboise, a Canadian who is probably the world’s leading producer of conspiracy theories about the IPCC.

The bias towards representatives from the extreme fringe of the climate change debate is a victory for climate sceptic MPs on the committee, Peter Lilley and Graham Stringer, who were apparently unperturbed by the lack of British contrarians on whom they could call.

From that disreputable lefty rag, the Guardian.

[UPDATE: I have changed the title of the post from ‘denialists’ to ‘contrarians’]


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1 Response to Polar Bear Facepalm: #Manchester MP Graham Stringer invites #climate ‘contrarians’ to House of Commons

  1. So they are inviting North Americans, not British or Europeans, absurd.

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