Video open letter to #Manchester City Council on 9 actions it can take on #climate #mcrclimateplan

Please watch this 2 and a half minute film. If you like it, please email it, facebook it, re-blog it, retweet it etc.

Three key actions
ONE Sign the open letter
Sign the open letter (the shortest version of it is to the right. The full version, with explanations, is here) and encourage your friends, family and work colleagues to do the same.

and encourage your friends, family and work colleagues to do the same.

TWO Email the Executive Member for the Environment, Cllr Kate Chappell and tell her you want to these actions happen. (If there are some you think are wrong/don’t matter, say so. If there are others you think should be on there, say so!)
It would be great if you also cced your three ward councillors [find them by entering your postcode here and also us –

Draft letter

Dear Councillor Chappell,
I live/work/study in Manchester [delete as appropriate]. Congratulations on becoming the Executive Member for the Environment.
I very much hope you will work to the best of your ability to make all of the nine actions in the open letter recently published by Manchester Climate Monthly happen as soon as possible. In addition, I think the Council should ….
I have not signed the letter because a) I disagree with item x, b) I don’t want to give any further encouragement to the feral editor of Manchester Climate Monthly but I endorse all the other actions/all the actions.
I am ccing in my ward councillors/the editor of Manchester Climate Monthly.

Yours sincerely


THREE If you want to get involved in the campaign to make all nine of these actions happen, fill in the survey below.


About manchesterclimatemonthly

Was print format from 2012 to 13. Now web only. All things climate and resilience in (Greater) Manchester.
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2 Responses to Video open letter to #Manchester City Council on 9 actions it can take on #climate #mcrclimateplan

  1. Ian Brown says:

    Not living in Manchester City I can’t contact my councillor on this matter. I wish you the best of luck (you’ll need it) and hope you can persuade the City Council to do something positive for the Environment and Climate Change.

    • Thanks. There’s plenty to be done besides emailing councillors. If you can proof-read for us, that’d be great, or cast a critical eye over publicity material, or or or… list is long! And yes, luck will be needed, and hard work and logistical/strategic thinking. One of my favourite lines in Thelma and Louise is where Harvey Keitel’s cop mournfully says “smarts will only get you so far, and luck always runs out…” Bit like for the species as a whole, really…

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