Re-post: “I’d rather be a hobbit than an orc” – #BartonMoss #fracking #Manchester

This below, by Hazel Hedge, is a beautifully-written post, full of wisdom and useful information.  Hat-tip to Patrick.

I’d rather be a hobbit than an orc

Being at the Barton Moss Protection Camp is like being at sea. There are tides, surges, waves and ripples. Calm periods and storms. There’s always the risk of losing a friend overboard. On Monday I was one of those lost to sea, lost to the GMP.

GMP = Greater Manchester Police. It was actually a Tactical Aid Unit (TAU) officer who arrested me – I now know that the TAU have blue tucked-in trousers rather than the straight black slacks of the local police uniform, and they’re much meaner.


Solidarity Sunday is all calm waters. Several hundred people mass in a muddy carpark, some tumbling out of coaches after long journeys, from Sussex and Somerset and Scotland, to cheers from the earlier arrivals. Another, smaller, group meets at a local pub. We all walk towards the rally at the end of Barton Moss lane, in high spirits despite rain. The lack of police is notable. There’s no one here to facilitate our protest….

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2 Responses to Re-post: “I’d rather be a hobbit than an orc” – #BartonMoss #fracking #Manchester

  1. Hazel Hedge says:

    Thanks for re-blogging me and your lovely words about my blog. I hope some of the things I learned may be useful to others. It’s pretty shocking what’s happened at Barton Moss this weekend; I wasn’t there but *SOLIDARITY* with those who were. My case, along with somewhere around 100 others, is chugging through the court system. Charges have not (yet?) been dropped, despite Barton Moss road being found in court to be a “footpath” not a “highway”. Dealing with the legal system is a slow and sometimes confusing process, but there’s a lot of mutual support between “protectors”, so you rarely feel all alone.

    • Hi Hazel,
      I was delighted to be able to repost. It’s what the Internet is for (that and cat-videos, obviously!)

      This process – of sharing our skills and experience and knowledge, of reflecting constructively and publicly is going to be SO important to building a movement. The powers that be want us separated, stupid and scared. They always have, they always will. It’s not a conspiracy theory to say this. (The slave owners never wanted more than a handful of slaves to learn how to read…)

      So, your blog (as well as your physical actions!) is an act of civic education and resistance to the insanity that is engulfing us.

      Best wishes

      Marc Hudson

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