#Climate story in #Manchester Evening News, and meeting tonight, Tues 25th Feb

Manchester Evening News reporter Jennifer Williams has written an interesting account of the Executive meeting last week at which the latest “Climate Plan” of the City Council was discussed. [See MCFly’s account here.]

The crucial thing is this – do not expect very much at all from your Council. Demand it, fight for it, by all means. But on climate and community resourcefulness, lower your expectations.

This is NOT a counsel (ho ho) of despair.  This is a call to (real) action.  The people who can make a difference aren’t in Castle Grayskull.  They are on your street. They are you, your friends and neighbours.

Tonight there is a free meeting at the Friends Meeting House, 6 Mount St. It starts at 6.30pm with small group discussions and mingling-to-a-purpose. If you can’t come till later, that’s fine, you will be welcome and will get up to speed quickly.

The clue is in the name – this is a meeting where you will meet people. You will not be sat in rows (or a circle) listening to one person drone on, then another.

The aim of the meeting is to find out what knowledge and skills we all have, we all need.  And very specifically, it’s to

a) get into groups based on where we live, and start thinking about how we can make ourselves and our immediate neighbourhoods more ready for the extreme weather events and other disruptions (power supplies etc etc) that are coming.

b) start answering “what is a low carbon culture?” (the Council is allergic to this) and – crucially – how do we start taking action to make this low carbon culture happen

c) how do we start constructively and critically engaging with councillors so that they both understand what is at stake and are able to get the Council to help us achieve a greener and fairer Manchester. (MCFly has some very doable, very specific suggestions)

There are other goals, but that will do for now. This event is free, it will be useful to you and others.  If you can’t come, but you want to be involved, please email mcmonthly@gmail.com

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Was print format from 2012 to 13. Now web only. All things climate and resilience in (Greater) Manchester.
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2 Responses to #Climate story in #Manchester Evening News, and meeting tonight, Tues 25th Feb

  1. Dave Bishop says:

    In the MEN story, we learn from Sir Richard Leese that: “However, the government had been going in ‘exactly the opposite direction’, [he added] that the council had very limited resources to draw upon.”

    In other words, neither the government nor MCC believe that we can afford a healthy environment. In a world in which environmental problems are becoming ever more acute, it would appear that our political establishment is no longer fit for purpose.

  2. Dave Bishop says:

    I think that all politicians should be asked: do you and your family and friends have to breathe, drink and eat in order to stay alive? The answer must, of course, be “yes” (apart from George Osborne and Owen Paterson, of course!). This means that those politicians – and the rest of us – are utterly dependent on a healthy environment for their, and our, very existences. It therefore makes no sense to elevate the economy above the environment – and it makes even less sense to view a healthy environment as a ‘nice-to-have’, but only under favourable economic circumstances. It seems, though, that we’re doomed to learn the ‘bleeding obvious’ the hard way.

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