#Manchester Central Library lights on in middle of day. #Climate ? #Energy Bills??

I am writing to my councillors (you can find out who yours are here) and to Councillor Rosa Battle (Exec Member for Culture and Leisure – cllr.r.battle@manchester.gov.uk) and Councillor Kate Chappell (Exec member for Environment – cllr.k.chappell@manchester.gov.uk ). I hope after you have watched this video that you do the same.  The library doesn’t open till March 22nd.  Were they filming the Frankenstein movie still?  Were they stacking shelves? On a Saturday?  And in any case, is the place so poorly served by windows that all the lights need to be on in the middle of the day?


Dear Councillors Battle and Chappell,

in the middle of the day (11am to 4pm) on Saturday 8th March the lights were on in the Central Library.  I would like to know why – when climate change matters, and the Council’s energy bills matter – this was the case.

Yours sincerely

Marc Hudson



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2 Responses to #Manchester Central Library lights on in middle of day. #Climate ? #Energy Bills??

  1. gille liath says:

    And in blazing sunshine like that, too!

    To be fair, I think the answer is yes, they do need the lights on – at least they would if it was open. If you’ve been inside you’ll know that, being circular, not that much natural light penetrates to the middle of the building. But any large building where people are trying to read – schools etc – will need artificial light at this time of year.

  2. Well, we will see what answer we get. I’ve filmed it at 9pm, and at 5.30am, with the lights on. I doubt many peope were trying to read then…

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