Air Pollution in Urmston and Davyhulme over safety limit, says #Trafford Breathe Clean Air Group #Manchester

From a press release-

Air pollution on the streets alongside the M60 motorway in Urmston and Davyhulme is over the safety limit, according to Trafford’s Breathe Clean Air Group.

The group has been monitoring nitrogen dioxide levels for the last three months and has discovered that of the eleven results so far, nine of them are over the limit of 40 micrograms per cubic metre and 2 are just under that limit. The range of results is between 35.78 and 59.69. The safety limit of 40 was set by the European Union.

“No wonder Europe wants to prosecute the UK for infringements of air quality” said Pete Kilvert, Chairman of the Breathe Clean Air Group, “and these results are right on our doorstep.”

Nitrogen dioxide is a toxic and irritant gas produced as a result of combustion. Vehicle exhaust emissions are the worst culprit for producing this gas, but industry, electricity generation and domestic heating also adds to the mix.

“We have started monitoring now” said Mr Kilvert, “to get a baseline before the Davyhulme Incinerator is built. We also anticipate that the Peel Group’s other proposed developments will attract even more vehicles, producing more nitrogen dioxide pollution at a time when it should be reduced. Other, more dangerous chemical substances will be emitted from the proposed incinerator which will cause ill health conditions affecting the local people, especially the children.”

On Wednesday 26th March, Trafford Council will be receiving two motions on the Davyhulme Biomass Plant and on Air Pollution at its full Council meeting. The first motion notes the “failure of Peel Energy to take into account the clearly expressed opposition of Trafford residents and their elected representatives.”

The second motion says that “the Council recognises that the Environment Agency is not able to protect the air we breathe” and so the Council should “extensively measure and monitor air quality throughout the borough to establish how big the problem is.” It should also “ensure that Trafford Council’s planning policy protects the people of Trafford from further air pollution.”


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2 Responses to Air Pollution in Urmston and Davyhulme over safety limit, says #Trafford Breathe Clean Air Group #Manchester

  1. Peter Bagnall says:

    How dare this Government totally ignore Trafford Council and the Residents re this gigantic pollluting monster in a residential area. The EU Directive on Air Pollution is not just a Directive but a law which is regularly being breachedi in .Davyhulme.The Planning rules are wrong and need changing to protect the Public and not big business

  2. Is there available data on respiratory disorders suffered by residents in the affected area? That will be good baseline info too.

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