What IS a low carbon culture, #Manchester? Here’s the Bishop of Manchester’s answer… #climate #adaptation

twogoalsWhat is a “low carbon culture”?  Nobody seems to know for sure, four and a half years after it was listed as one of the two headline goals in the Manchester Climate Change Action Plan. Such is the efficiency and effectiveness of the people (some very well-paid) who have been in charge of the process, eh?

Anyway, here at MCFly we’d like to know what YOU think a low carbon culture is.  (If you need something to chew on, see this interview with an anthropologist).

Use the comments box below…

Meanwhile, here’s a clip from the interview with the Bishop of Manchester, David Walker, that we put up last week.

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3 Responses to What IS a low carbon culture, #Manchester? Here’s the Bishop of Manchester’s answer… #climate #adaptation

  1. pestopete says:

    The uncomfortable truth is that, until economic activity is decoupled from emissions, a low-carbon life is a low economic activity life.
    Once decarbonisation of energy generation, transport and space/water heating and lighting (etc etc) has been achieved, then this may allow a return to a focus on economic growth.
    So, A low carbon life is definitely travelling less, buying less and investing what you save wisely.

  2. Margaret Morris says:

    Zero Carbon Britain as proposed by Centre for Alternative Technology gives a good scenario. The devil is in the details as they say but one staff member is working on a programme dealing with food. Can give you more details/link if required.

    Margaret Morris

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