#Manchester #climate boss Kate Chappell on cycling, the coming Great Car Debate and much else

Councillor Kate Chappell is the Manchester City Council’s Executive Member for the Environment.” Here’s an interview, conducted Tuesday 8th April,  that touches upon “highway bores” (a good thing), potholes (a bad thing), the coming debate on the role of the car in Manchester over the next 20 years (a metaphorically bloody thing), her not-quite-yet blog and that fracking-to-happen-in-Albert-Square story…

0mins 10 secs What’s been happening tonight and did you have a good time?

00 mins 25 secs what was the most awkward question and what was your answer?

1mins 15 In your speech you advocated becoming a “Highway Bore” – what do you mean by that and how can other people help you become a better highway bore?

2 mins 25 So I am in Crumpsall, or Rusholme, or Woodhouse Park and there’s a bloody pothole that the Council hasn’t been fixing. And I’ve watched this interview on Manchester Climate Monthly advocating I become a highway bore – now what do I do?

3 mins 10 secs. You also mentioned what can get a council’s attention, and I’m not sure if you’re aware of the case recently where a council did get sued because of a fatality – a cyclist hit a pothole and the judge finally decided recently the council was liable…
[GOT MY FACTS WRONG. #1sttimeever http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-england-26504065]

4 mins 55 At the end of your speech that we need a debate over the role of the car over the next 20 years. My question isn’t about what you would say in the debate but about what the mechanics of would be. Because obviously you don’t mean a one off debate in the Town Hall. Who would be the stakeholders? What sorts of ways would their opinions be canvassed, and who would make the decisions about what the role of the car is in Manchester?

6 mins 40 On the subject of blogs – where is yours up to?

7 mins 30 Anything else you’d like to say?

PS Apols to Ms Chappell for her looking “goofy” in the thumbnail. It was the least worst of the automated options Youtube gave me –

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