Debate in #Manchester: Individual Responsibility and #Climate Change Mitigation, Fri 25th April

This is exciting! Open to the public, part of the PhD conference organised by the Tyndall Centre (the cross-university collaboration looking at all aspects of climate – the science, economics, psychology, sociology, you name it…)

Debate Panel: Individual Responsibility and Climate Change Mitigation

Friday 25th April, Harwood Room, Barnes Wallis Building, 11.30am-1pm

The debate will consist of a 10 minute presentation by each of our four speakers on the topic ‘To what extent does individual responsibility have a role to play in climate change mitigation?’, followed by an interdisciplinary dialogue and questions from the audience. The panellists are:

Dr Lorraine Whitmarsh, lecturer in Psychology at Cardiff University. Lorraine’s research, which employs both quantitative and qualitative methods of data collection and analysis, focuses on three main areas: (a) public engagement with climate change and low-carbon lifestyles; (b) public/stakeholder participation in sustainability science and policy; and (c) perceived risk and behaviour change with respect to new or controversial technologies (e.g., smart grids, electric vehicles, unconventional fossil fuels).

Dr Sarah Mander, research fellow at Tyndall Manchester. Sarah is a Chemical Engineer by training, who’s research interests are focused on climate change mitigation, renewable energy, long term energy scenarios, sustainable energy in the urban environment, recycling and climate change governance.

Dr Julia Steinberger, lecturer in Ecological Economics at the University of Leeds. Julia’s research examines the connections between resource use (energy and materials, greenhouse gas emissions) and societal performance (economic and human wellbeing). She is interested in quantifying the current and historical linkages between resource use and socioeconomic parameters, and identifying alternative development pathways to guide the necessary transition to a low carbon society.

Dr Tom Crompton, Change Strategist at WWF-UK. Tom is interested in understanding how organisations like WWF might work to help create the political space for more ambitious change on sustainability issues. He works with social psychologists and political scientists, asking questions such as: What leads to more vocal expressions of public concern about sustainability issues? What motivates people to bring more pressure to bear on their elected leaders? This work was recently compiled into the report, “Common Cause”.


And if you can’t make that, maybe this-

Keynote Address: Mike Childs, Prof. Corinne Le Quéré & Prof. Andrew Gibson

‘Time to think differently in addressing climate change’

Wednesday 23rd April, Harwood Room, Barnes Wallis Building, 3.30pm – 4.45pm


They keynote session of the 2014 Tyndall PhD Conference will have three speakers:


  • Prof. Andrew Gibson, Head of the School of Mechanical, Aerospace and Civil Engineering at the University of Manchester, will welcome the conference delegates and speakers to the school of MACE.
  • Prof. Corinne Le Quéré, Director of the Tyndall Centre for Climate Change Research will deliver a presentation on the state of the climate science as shown in the recent IPCC assessment and what we can do about it in the next two years.

·         Mike Childs, Head of Policy, Research and Science at Friends of the Earth UK will deliver a keynote lecture titled ‘Time to think differently in addressing climate change’, exploring the role of NGO’s, academia, global governance & cities in addressing the emerging big issues in sustainability. Mike Childs will draw from his experience working at Friends of the Earth for more than twenty years, during which he helped lead Friends of the Earth’s Big Ask campaign for the Climate Change Act 2008. This was the first ever national law to commit a Government to making annual cuts in greenhouse gases. He is currently leading the three-year Big Ideas research programme.

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