Frack Free Greater #Manchester all day event… Sat May 10th

Frack Free Greater Manchester all day event… 
Saturday, May 10th at Mechanics Institute, 103 Princess St, Manchester M1 6DD
Fracking is becoming a major issue in British politics  and Greater Manchester has been in the front line with the exploratory drilling by Igas in Salford,  the Barton Moss Protectors Camp set up to oppose it and the many protests including a demonstration of over 1,000 people in Manchester. Come along and find out more!
11am – 1pm:  Public Meeting on Fracking and Climate Change
The protests around Barton Moss and in other areas have highlighted the dangers of the fracking process to the local environment: water,air, landscape, human and animal health could all be at risk. But there is another reason to oppose fracking: it is a fossil fuel and burning it will make climate change worse. How serious are the dangers of climate change? Are we already witnessing it in the recent floods, droughts and hurricanes and what can be done to reduce the rise in global temperatures?
*Jonathan Neale of the Campaign against Climate Change , author of Stop Global Warming, Change the World
*Climate change scientist Dr Maria Sharmina from Tyndall Centre , University of Manchester
There will be plenty of time for questions and discussion.
 2pm: Hustings on Fracking, for and against:  Energy, Jobs and the Environment
In the run-up to local and European elections, we are inviting politicians to put their party’s point of view on fracking..
For example:
*Is the government right to be subsidising companies exploring for shale gas while limiting wind farms and reducing the green levy on our energy bills? Will shale gas (and other forms of “extreme energy”) lead to lower energy bills?
*Do we need shale gas to reduce the UK’s dependency on oil and gas from abroad?
*How many jobs could fracking provide, compared to jobs in green energy and mitigation of climate change?
*Can fracking be safe, or is it bound to lead to poisoning of ground water and destruction of local environments?
*How important is climate change as a factor in energy policy? Should we leave most of the world’s fossil fuel reserves in the ground?
… and any other questions you may want to ask the panel..
Peter Cranie, lead NW candidate for the Green Party in the European elections
Afzal Khan, Manchester City Councillor and Labour candidate in European elections
Victor Chamberlain, Liberal Democrat councillor and environment spokesperson
A Conservative councillor (tbc)
Stephen Hall (Left Unity candidate for Wigan council elections)
Matt Kilsby (candidate for Trades Unionist and Socialist Coalition in Salford Council elections)
UKIP have been invited but have not responded so far
Please come along to hear our expert speakers at 11am and stay for the hustings at 2pm if you can! And bring friends, neighbours, colleagues to learn more about climate change and about fracking.

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Was print format from 2012 to 13. Now web only. All things climate and resilience in (Greater) Manchester.
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