#Burnage food bank needs your surplus vegetables, South #Manchester

Use your surplus vegetables to help our food bank

And spread the word about our food bank among food networks like yourselves!

Eat Green’s food bank runs every Friday from 12.30-3.30pm at Westcroft Community Centre, Burnage, and is targetted at people on low or no incomes.

Unlike the majority of other food banks, we only supply people with locally sourced, fresh fruit and vegetables. This is not only sustainable, but also provides people with the vital nutrients they need. Studies show that when money becomes a struggle, fruit and vegetables are often the first thing that people cut out of their diets.

We rely only on donations to supply our food bank. If your growing project (or any you know of) often has surplus produce left over, this could be the perfect way for it to be used! We would also help publicise your scheme with regular Twitter updates saying where the veg has come from. Ideally any donations would be dropped off on a Friday morning.

If you have any queries then please do not hesitate to contact me.

Many thanks,

Clio Scutt

Food bank and garden tool library coordinator
Eat Green (South Manchester)

clio[at]eatgreen.co.uk | Twitter @EatGreenUK [https://twitter.com/EatGreenUK]

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