Greenpeace want yr donations to get “Arctic Sunrise” ship back to work #climate #whales etc

Get our only icebreaker, the Arctic Sunrise, back where she belongs, and help save the Arctic for us all. Please donate £25 –

Hi Marc,

My Arctic Sunrise badge and print

You’ll receive a Deed of Ownership and a beautiful photo-print of the Arctic Sunrise in action and, if you can donate £25 or more, we’ll send you an exclusive enamel MY Arctic Sunrise pin-badge.


The Arctic Sunrise has stopped the slaughter of whales in the Southern Ocean. She’s chased illegal fishing vessels, she’s been rammed by whaling ships and, since peacefully protesting with the Arctic 30, she’s being held captive in a Russian dock, in desperate need of repair.

The Arctic Sunrise has an incredible history, and now you can be part of her future. Donate to the My Arctic Sunrise Fund today – to help get her back and refurbished –  and your name will be recorded forever on board the ship.

Like the Arctic, the Arctic Sunrise belongs to all of us. That’s why the names of everyone who donates will be carried on board wherever she goes.

We’ll also send you a Deed of Ownership and a beautiful photoprint of the ship. And, if you donate £25 or more, you’ll get an exclusive enamel pin badge.

We need to raise £450,000 by July to:

  • Get the Arctic Sunrise back, refitted and out where she belongs protecting the Arctic for us all
  • If necessary, find a temporary replacement icebreaker so we can continue protecting the Arctic where it really matters
  • Keep the pressure on oil companies and continue to expose their plans to extract oil from the Arctic’s icy waters

Please give £25 today –

Right now, the Esperanza is in the Arctic. For 48 hours, 15 of her crew members occupied a rig that Statoil wants to use to drill for oil. It’s this kind of action that we need to do more of to keep the oil companies out of the Arctic.

But unlike the Arctic Sunrise, the Esperanza is not an icebreaker, and cannot travel as far north.

To take on the drillers right on the front line and succeed in saving the Arctic, we need a ship that can cope with the extremes of the polar environment. We need the Arctic Sunrise.

Donate now, and help get her back where she belongs.

Thank you
John Sauven


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