#Manchester #climate report you can now download. 52 pages of glossy drivel

Was it worth the wait? Of course it wasn’t.

Despite the “honesty” (Was there a choice? Was there really any way to spin the last five wasted years as any ‘success’?) of admitting things are hopelessly behind schedule, the Manchester A Certain Future “report” ignores the starkest realities (two “implementation plans” instead of the one thousand aimed for, 1000 carbon literate citizens instead of one million, promised elections cancelled etc etc) and is silent on why things have been so hopelessly mismanaged.  And in the absence of identifying that, how can anyone have confidence things will be different in the future?

Of course, there are upbeat pictures of beehives and all that malarkey.  Great.

At the end, we are told this –

The Steering Group has also identified the need to look at how it invites, receives, takes
action on and responds to feedback. The MACF website is currently being updated
to include an area to welcome comments, ideas, suggestions and offers of assistance,
facilitate the sharing of information and to promote action.

[Incredible!! It has taken them FOUR YEARS to get to this??  What on EARTH have they been DOING???]

In addition, a number of locally hosted, focused events will be taking place on a regular basis.
The first of these events is expected to be in September 2014 and is currently intended
to cover: what actions do the Steering Group need to deliver to support and enable the
delivery of MACF; and what should MACF 2015-20 cover, building on the findings of the
2014 Annual Report and progress to date.

Oh, and the report isn’t available on the manchesterclimate.com website yet.

It is available on “ontheplatform“, that infamously embarrassing boosterist pravda, which doesn’t allow comments. That’s the commitment to democracy you’d expect of people who dabbled in Stalinism in their youth.

It’s also here.


About manchesterclimatemonthly

Was print format from 2012 to 13. Now web only. All things climate and resilience in (Greater) Manchester.
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2 Responses to #Manchester #climate report you can now download. 52 pages of glossy drivel

  1. Steve Connor says:

    For clarity Marc, each article on Platform is shared to Twitter, with our intention being that we use social media for debate and discussion rather than provide a new and thrilling avenue for Internet trolls. If you wish to discuss anything you have read or seen on Platform then please do feel free to follow the Twitter feed and start a discussion which I’m sure all of us will be more than happy to engage with.

    Also please note that if the closing remarks are aimed at myself, I have never dabbled in Stalinism but was, once, a member of the youth bit of the CPGB and then Democratic Left which was the very opposite, dabbling in all sorts of ‘New Times’ Marxism including vegetarianism and environmentalism, which of course some Stalinists at the time would have seen as ‘bourgeois deviance’.

    Nice attack attempt though, and thanks for comparing us to Pravda. I can’t afford the stuff but may now save up for a T-Shirt.

    • I distinctly recall, Steve, a promise that you would never ever have anything to do with me again. I was rather looking forward to that.

      It’s interesting – if people don’t have twitter, and smart phones and a job in the meeja that allows them to be on it all the time – then they clearly don’t matter to the “conversation.”

      I also note that you don’t respond to the central point – that in the past four years -including the entirety of your “chairmanship” a) elections were not held (despite your public statement that they would be at the 2012 conference, after the March 2012 meeting of the steering group) and that
      b) the useless Manchesterclimate.con website, that you as a communications whiz were ultimately responsible for, never allowed comments down until this day.

      I am sure you are very very proud of all that you have achieved.

      Marc, the droll troll

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